Saturday, February 19, 2011

Torie Jayne/ Hampton Blue Giveaway

Since my visit to Copenhagen (almost a YEAR ago now) I have become a huge fan of Lisbeth Dahl products. Gorgeous feminine pretties!
Well, one of my blog favourites Torie Jayne has just introduced me to Hampton Blue a fab website where you can get your fix of  Lisbeth Dahl, along with  Azuni, Disaster Designs, East of India, Moulin Roty, Nadia Minkoff and Paper High. Torie is currently running a 30 pound giveaway.


B xxx


Shabby Chic Girls said...

LOVE IT, Beautiful, just YUMMY !!!

Debra said...

Hi Becky

Was blog hopping myself and came across your post about us at Hampton Blue. As a mum of three myself and with a small budget to get Hampton Blue off the ground, I really appreciate the mention. Love the hearts on your wall by the way! Cheers Debra

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