Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bath weekend part 2


How are you?

Did you have a lovely week? Nice Valentine's Day? I really hope so.

As promised, if a little late, here are the second lot of pictures from my trip to Bath.

On the Sunday morning we woke up nice and early and headed to Shepton Mallet.

I'm going to stop nattering and let you enjoy the view...

What a delight!

I would love to say that I came home with a carload, but I didn't. I was in a cautious mood and already had my chair to transport so I just *Oooh'd* and *Aaah'd*...a lot!

Well, that's it for now ladies. Although I must pop back and show you my new old kitchen floors. Soon.

Hugs to you,

B x


Pam @ Frippery said...

Hi B, I have completely enjoyed your weekend! What a delightful time. Someday I will visit England and take in all of this beauty and history in person. Until then I must live my dream through blogs like yours. Oh and I can't wait to see the kitchen floor! I will be waiting patiently...

koralee said...

Everything looks amazing! Thank you for sharing...hope your day is filled with sweetness my dear friend. xoxo

Brown Paper & String said...

Wow wow wow! Tell me more! Sheppton Mallet, I need to go. How often is it on? Loving your new font too. xxx

Shabby Chic Girls said...

Amazing stuff, Love Your blog name lol, thanks for your comment on my blog.

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