Sunday, May 31, 2009

Magic moments part 2 (a trilogy)

This week was prom week and I think I was a little unprepared for how much is involved in such an event! The dress, the hair, the nails, the limo - wow, it was like getting my girl ready for the Oscars! And I have to say (although I may be a little bit biased) when she was finished, she looked like she was going to the Oscars - she looked BEAUTIFUL.

Jess' date for the night was a boy from her drama class called Stephen. They are just friends and I think it was nice to have someone she could be herself with at her side. He's such a lovely boy, he even matched his shirt and tie with Jess' dress so that they looked perfect together!

With Chris being away in the UK things weren't quite as easy to organise and when I took them to a friends' house to get the limo we had to squeeze Stephen (who's about 6 foot) in the back of the car between Max and Eva as I had no one to watch them - it kinda cramped their style, but they dealt with it very well!

She had a great night and it's a lovely memory for her to take back to the UK in 6 weeks.

So, now prom is over and it's exam week (she's studying as I speak) next stop graduation. I think leaving Canada after 4 years will be hard for Jess. She has made some great friends and will have some wonderful memories. But come September she will be at University back home, living on campus and starting the next chapter of her life.

I'm really going to miss her.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Magic moments part 1

Wow. This has been a really busy couple of weeks; the stuff just kept coming at me. But now I have a moment of peace and quiet, I can fill you in on what's been happening.

My boy, my only little boy, turned EIGHT! How the heck did that happen?!

There he was this little (well not that little at 9lb 4oz!) bundle of joy and all of a sudden he's a soccer playing computer nut of 8 years old!

He has the loveliest temperament; he's kind hearted and considerate - the perfect big brother. The first person to tell me "you look nice today" or "this dinner is yummy" But hard working and competitive; a grade A student who loves to win.

I don't mean to make him sound like an angel, because of course he has his moments,

but it's a well kept family secret that he puts the girls to shame in the behaviour department!

Happy Birthday to my favourite little boy, Max.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quick reality check...

Hi guys, long time no speak! I hope you all had a fab weekend and everyone has had some sunshine. I’ve been laying low lately, for several reasons. Firstly, I had to make a weekend trip back to the UK for some high speed house hunting. After which I was exhausted (as you can probably imagine) The day after I got home my Mum arrived for 2 weeks; this was already planned, but my trip home was not, and the whole thing has thrown me into a bit of a tizz! On top of that, this weekend was my Mum’s birthday and Max had a 3 day (over our Bank holiday weekend) soccer tournament. His team came second in the under 8's, they did a great job!

Throw into the mix that I haven’t had my husband home for 3 weeks, we are still in the process of selling 2 houses and buying another and I think you could safely say this has been a tough couple of weeks. When my Mum arrived I showed her my blog for the first time and she was like; “Mmm, that’s nice love” – not really her kind of thing I think! Then over the weekend I said “I must post something on my blog – it’s been ages” to which she responded “Why?” and suddenly, for the first time, I asked myself the same question. Why? I’m sure everyone goes through this, but this is my first time questioning the whole thing. Is this for me, in which case I should be able to post or not post as I see fit. Is it for others, in which case I will start worrying and questioning everything I write; is it funny, is it cool, witty, wise? I began blogging because I had been reading so many of your lovely blogs out there and I wanted to be part of the gang. I just hadn’t realised the commitment involved. My other issue is the fact that I have nothing to offer. I started this blog with the idea of starting a business and linking the two – I’ve seen how well it’s worked for some of you out there. But now that we’re moving continent that idea is on hold and this has become more of an electric diary of sorts. But, is that enough? I’m by no means fishing for compliments about my blog. But just writing about your everyday stuff, is that enough to keep your followers -and maybe get a few more? I guess I’m just wondering if any of you feel the same way – is this normal? Maybe I should just enjoy it for what it is; what do you think?
B x

Above is the post I had saved and was about to send when I decided to check my email first. There I found this... “What I wouldn't give for anyone to think I had big fat boobies...
Ah, the days before four kids... :) Great story - so glad I found you~xo” changed my day, and I remembered why I do this; because you are all amazing and you make me feel amazing too!

Thank you x

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Those precious moments...

This morning as I stepped out of the shower...

Eva: Mummy, can you help me with my tie?

Me: Of course hon.

As I crouch down to adjust her tie Eva stares at me adoringly

Eva: Oooooh, I love you!

Me: And I love you.

Eva: I even love your big fat boobies.

Don't you just love those precious moments?

Live large, B x

Monday, May 4, 2009

(The slightly early) Tuesday Photo Challenge

It's that time again (for Lola B's photo challenge)and I thought I'd change my subject this week to our faithful friend "Cookie". Cookie is our ferocious guard dog...

She is like a ninja assassin, quick on her feet and alert at all times....

and we wouldn't have her any other way!

The kids met a dog called Gary at the weekend, which they thought was a really cool name for a dog; "much cooler than Cookie". So after 4 years they have decided to rename her... Cybil; she refuses to respond and frankly, I don't blame her!

B x

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