Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fishes, glasses and duct tape.

This week has been pretty hectic, after almost four years here in Canada we are heading back home to England on July 5th. Which will actually be 4 years and 4 days exactly. So, slightly belatedly probably, we are starting the arduous task of getting ready to do the move. We have had real estate agents in here this week so I've been madly trying to keep the house in order and suddenly noticing all those 'little things' around the house that I kept meaning to do - but didn't. Put them all together and the job becomes not so little. Note to self; next time just do it when you see it. Yeah, right. We had planned to reno the kitchen but never got round to it. I've always hated the the blue counter top and fishie backsplash now we needed a quick fix. I primed the tiles and painted them beige; goodbye fishies!

Then I found some cheap fabric at Ikea which seemed to tie in the white, beige and blue colours in the kitchen. The bay window in the kitchen at the back of the house is the first thing you see when you come through the front door and over looks the park; I've never really done it justice. It always felt a little under dressed. In fact we just moved in and didn't bother to do anything with it. So I set about making it a feature. I'm quite happy with the results. I like a bit of window dressing, but nothing too fussy.

I still have plenty of little jobs left to do before the photographer comes on Wednesday, but I'm feeling slightly calmer now.

Jessica is waiting to hear from 4 of her chosen Uni's but has had an offer from one already. It was conditional that she get 60% in all of her exams. She has already finished 3 of her 6 subjects all with 70-75% so things are looking great for her. I'm so proud, I can't believe my Jess will soon be off to University.

I took the 2 little ones to the optician this week. I had a feeling Max might need glasses. This was backed up by his teacher who said she'd had to bring him to the front of the class so that he could see the board and Eva who said; "why does Max pull that funny face when he's reading?". Trust Eva; Miss Tactful! So, it turns out Max has a stigmatism in both eyes. He needs glasses for reading, computer work, writing, board work, tv etc. He said he didn't want to wear glasses but he got used to the idea and got to choose them himself (with a little help from me) I think he quite likes it now. Luckily there are 3 or 4 other boys in his glass who wear glasses; I think it's considered quite cool! And now he looks just like Daddy! So handsome.

Friday was Civi Day at Max and Eva's school; they get to wear their own clothes but there's always a theme. This month was...Duct tap day!!!?? What??? This was the result...

Anyway, Max has a soccer tournament today and tomorrow. Jess and I have to go shopping for her school trip to Greece in 2 weeks and then we are going for dinner at one of Eva's school friends'. Oh, and I need a break.

Live large,

B x

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My dirty secret.

I have a confession to make. I feel that now is the time to come clean. This is something that only people extremely close to me will know and as my blog is supposed to be 'Simply B' I feel it would be incredibly deceptive of me to try and hide this any longer. As you may remember from my previous post; 25 random things about me, I stated that 'I love shoes' and attached a photo of my most recent purchase- a pair of patent shoes which I bought on my last trip to London. However, truth be known I have actually only worn those shoes once since I've had them. Generally, at this time of year, I spend my days walking the dog, schlepping to the shops and getting in and out of the car in sludge and snow. Which would be impossible in anything with a remote heel. I now have to reveal that my usual choice of footwear is far less glamorous and that... in actual fact... I own (and wear on a daily basis) the worlds ugliest shoes.

There, I've done it. Now that I have that out in the open I feel so much better. It's actually quite cathartic! So if you own an item of clothing that's not quite as cool as you'd like, but a necessary part of your wardrobe, wear it with pride and tell me about it here. Go on, I dare you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random things about me...

I've read a couple of blogs that have done this; 
so you could say I'm a copycat ;o) but I thought it'd be fun. 

Feel free to tell me your 25...

1. I like liver
2. I hate bigots
3. I have recently learned to sew (and love it)
4. I don't sleep much; I'm often awake at 4 in the morning
5. I love to sing
6. I used to be in a band
7. I have big feet
8. I love shoes

9. I never miss an episode of Coronation Street
10. I want to start my own business
11. I'd love to have another baby; but I don't think I will
12. I wanted to become a nun when I was little
13. I don't like having my photo taken; I always blink

14. I didn't learn to drive until I was 30
15. I'd love to live in a Victorian house and keep chickens in the garden
16. I want to take ballroom dancing classes
17. I'd like to travel around South America
18. I wish I could play an instrument
19. I hate being cold

20. I got engaged in Barcelona
21. I'm useless at maths
22. I love reading
23. I prefer Second Cup to Starbucks
24. I don't want to grow old - I realise I don't really have a choice.
25. I try to make the most of every day... 
...Some days I'm better at this than others!

Live large,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Day fun

Yesterday was 'Family Day' in Canada. A Bank Holiday weekend where you try to forget that you still have a good 2  months left of the cold and the snow and just hang with the family and have good times. So that's exactly what we did. Starting the day with some (usually contraband in our house) 'Choco-blast!' cereal. Yum. 

I took the opportunity to use their sugar induced energy rush to get everyone onboard for a little housework, with a promised reward at the end. Housework done we fulfilled our promise by taking the kids out for a fun day at the amusement arcade and then dinner at Jack Astors. Poor Jess had to stay home and finish her homework, so missed out this time; you can't slack in grade 12! The kids had so much fun, it was lovely to see their happy faces when we tucked them up in bed at the end of the day. Kids asleep I set about making some hair clips to match the skirts I have already made for Eva. Here's my favourite. 
We topped the day off with a full bodied glass of red and a good film (Eagle Eye: great movie) the perfect end to a really great day. I heart family Day!  B

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello out there!

So, my first post in blog-land. And what gives me the confidence to even type this is knowing that no-one even knows it exists. So, I feel as though I have already accomplished something; I'm out there.."Hello out there...."  B
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