Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday celebrations....continued...

Just popping in to say "Thank you friends" for your lovely and kind words. I had a wonderful birthday, filled with gorgeous pressies and great time spent with friends and loved ones. I am off to 'The Windy City' for the weekend to visit my husband (there on business) and to really enjoy being 40!

Wishing you a fab weekend.


B x
p.s - The cases in the picture were a recent find at the flea market, filled with lace and linen.
                                                 25 pounds the lot - bargain!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Telling it like it is...THE big 4-0

I worry.

I worry about what people think about me.

Quite a lot.

It's my weakness.

I've been saying for ages that I would show you guys my revamped kitchen floor...

But I have procrastinated- I'm very good at that.

In my warped mind, I would rather show you my floor when it's looking bad. Then I figure you won't judge (as we all agree it looks bad) Lately I've been taking a long hard look at myself. Another thing I have noticed is I really avoid putting pictures of myself on here. I look at other blogs I follow and people have pics of themselves and their outfit for the day etc and I am in awe of their confidence. I convince myself people would be picking me apart. I need to stop that.

Tomorrow, I turn 40. I think this is a really grown up age. An age when I should be comfortable in my own skin. Caring less about the things that don't matter. So in honour of the occasion...

Welcome to my kitchen...
I'm honestly not angry or upset in this picture, I just find it really difficult to smile without looking like a total goofball! Also, I was cooking an omlette and burnt the pan - doh!
I think the floors look so much better that the old laminate. The house was built in 1840 and these are original boards - very cool.
My new photo wall is getting there, I do need more pics though. I would like to cover alot of that wall. The heart on the right I made with assorted red buttons.
As you can see, the hearth were the cooker goes has been uncovered and needs to be stripped and then painted bright red which is what it would have looked like originally.
I love this gorgeous big window, I can look out at the barn and the garden while I'm doing the dishes. Excuse the mess on the side...I was cooking my omlette remember!?
My favourite hand towel on the left by PIP Studio.
I got this R from a charity shop, they had sold out of B's!


Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


B x

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Went for a lovely walk in the woods this morning... freezing cold, but I found my ray of sunshine under a tree...Spring is coming!

Happy Sunday!
B x

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tea, with the Queen, in my kitchen...

Ah...I may have exaggerated...ever so slightly...

Just wanted to show you a few little things that I picked up recently on my visit to my local flea market. And I felt sure the title would reel you in! And it's not a lie...well not exactly....

Isn't she lovely? What a gorgeous patina. I think I paid about 1 pound for her! You may find this a little gross...she still has the loose tea inside. I can't bear to part with it. It kind of feels like it came as a package and so I have to keep it that I weird? I also picked up these little beauties...

So pretty! And although I blogged last year about taking the colour out of my kitchen, it seems that slowly but surely it has been creeping back in. It's funny, I swoon over pictures of white kitchens. I go weak at the knees for that pale Scandinavian chicness. But when I try to achieve the look at home, I always feel like I'm not 'done'. And so the colour creeps back in...a touch of blue here...a splash of red there, until before you know it, I'm back to a more 'English Country' style.

I'm thinking I should just go with it. After all, style shouldn't be forced. I must be a true English country girl at heart. I'm sure Her Majesty would approve!


B x
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