Friday, March 26, 2010

Copenhagen part 1

Well, it's been a while hasn't it?

I hope you've all been well, I have been popping in to see you all but haven't had a chance to share with you my birthday trip to Copenhagen. As soon as I got back to the UK I had to get my working head on as I had my first ever market the following Saturday, to say I was stressed would be an understatement! And, as usually happens when I don't stop to breathe, immediately after that I got sick! Anyhow, I'm back and looking forward to sharing my Scandi trip with you...

When we arrived on the Friday it was grey and wet...very much like home!

We dropped our bags at our hotel (which was gorgeous by the way) and went to explore...

finishing up in a great place for a bite to eat...

Taken with iphone

Tummies full and a bit tired we strolled back to our hotel. We had a lovely afternoon nap and then showered and got ready to paint the town red!

We headed out to a great Latin place Chris had read about in our guide book

Taken with iphone

and we'd seen on our earlier walk. We enjoyed live music, nachos and a few too many of these...

Taken with iphone

which is called a "Ginger B!tch" and we ended the night looking like this....

Taken with iphone

It was a lot of fun!
B x
p.s I chickened out and cut Chris out of the final picture for fear of divorce!


koralee said...

Welcome back my sad to hear you had a bug to fight but glad you are back and feeling better. Your visit to Copenhagen would be my dream...someday I keep telling myself.
So happy you had a sweet amazing so deserve it. Hugs for a happy weekend. xoxox

Jacqueline said...

Looks as if you had a great time.
A change of scenery always does us the world of good and Copenhagen looks wonderful.
Sorry that you haven't been well. Hope that you are better now.
Have a wonderful weekend. XXXX

Anonymous said...


Rita said...

Dear B.
so glad I found your lovely blog...
thank you for taking us along with you to Copenhagen. This is among the places I want to visit as soon as time and money permit.
Thank you for the lovely pics and great free-of-charge tour. Looks like you've had an amazing time with your DH.
sorry to hear you haven't felt well.hope you're feeling much better now.
will be back again for more fun.

The Mrs. said...

Copenhagen? What a small world! My parents vacationed there alot in the 80s... I was just a nuggett in a backpack. boo. wish nuggest had better memories.
Thanks for the comment love! :) LOL!

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