Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding me some happy...part 2

Picture the scene...

I am doing the daily chores (with my headphones in) stripping the beds and 'hoovering' the bedrooms when I catch sight of myself in the full length mirror.  Cheeks flushed, shaking my thang, flicking my hair and playing air guitar with the vacuum cleaner. That, I thought, is me- truly happy! So what was it, I hear you ask, that had me boogieing in the bedrooms? My eighties secret pleasure...

Bet you can't watch without having a little wiggle!

Have a happy week!

B x

Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding me some happy...part 1

Hello you lovely lot!

Well, it's been a tough couple of weeks for me, with Chris being away, my sister moving to LA and my Nanny passing all in one fortnight. But, you know the saying; 'You can't keep a good gal down!' and with that in mind I've been trying to fill my life with plenty of 'happy' to keep me on the right side of sane!

So, I have been tootling along pinning on Pinterest and reading all of your lovely blogs to feed my need for loveliness and then I came across this....

and this...

 and this...

I swear I could sit and watch them all day.
So much loveliness I just had to share! Go HERE for more 'happy'.

Have a happy day,

B x

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My 'Black Nanny'.

Today, my gorgeous, kind, special Grandma went to heaven. Being mixed race, I had a 'Black Nanny' and a 'White Nanny'. I lived with my Black Nanny for a while when I was younger. 

My sister and I still laugh about the funny things she did and said. She used to sing the wrong words to the songs on the radio, and she had a cat she called 'Simon-the-mimon'. I remember she would light the cooker with burning paper and then stamp out the flames with her toughened Caribbean foot. I thought that was magic! 

She loved to care for people, it's what she did. She was never happier than when she was fussing over you or cooking you a yummy Caribbean feast. But she was no push-over; if Black Nanny told you to do something, you did it! I'm not sure what she would have done if you didn't - we never got that far! 

She and my Granddad (James) were inseparable. Nanny's name was Matilda but Granddad called her 'Mitty'. They were really popular in the neighbourhood and on a Saturday the house would be full of people. The men would come to play dominoes with Granddad in the back room and the women would come to chat and buy Nanny's bread and beautiful cakes. Granddad died some 25years ago and she was lost without him. By the end I don't even think she remembered he had ever existed - that killed me. 

This past summer I took the kids to see her. The little ones don't know her very well because we were in Canada for most of their short lives. I just wanted them to remember her, as I suspected she wouldn't be here for much longer. She was frail and cantankerous - so unlike herself . But they got to feel the most precious thing in the world; the magical feeling of her incredibly soft cheek against theirs. I will miss her, but I hold that memory of her velvety cheek against mine and I'm so grateful to have had her in my life. 

I hope that she is in heaven with Granddad, baking bread and holding court with their old friends. 


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watching the world go by...

Cookie is hanging out in her favourite place. She likes to sit and watch the world go by.

Actually seeing her sitting there, kind of reminds me of what last year felt like to me. It was the year I said I'd do more, yet for whatever reason, I remained somewhat disconnected. Sometimes I find it easier to say 'no' so that I don't have to deal with new/difficult situations. This year I plan to spend more time saying 'yes'.

This year I am making a pledge. I will get involved. Be part of the action. Join the party!


Now, Cookie and I are off to join the doggie party - we're going for a walk!

Hugs, B X

Sunday, January 1, 2012

All the best..

Picture from Pinterest - my favourite new pastime, which is even more fun on my *new laptop*. Feel free to follow me and let me know if you have boards and I'll be happy to follow too - there's a button on the right.

Looking forward to another year of sharing and caring with my you, bloggy friends.

Hugs, B x
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