Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My new 'neigh'bours...

..bad, bad joke I know, but I couldn't resist...

So, I live in a village on the edge of a town. We have a moor (or heath) opposite us. In fact our house was built around 1840 when the village was founded and the property is one of a few, which come with "Rights of pasture". This means that the owner of the house is free to graze their sheep on the moor; which could come in handy when I want to let my sheep stretch their legs!

The moor is a lovely place to walk the dog and let the kids run around. Last Sunday they went and wadded into the stream. As someone who grew up in the middle of bustling, grimy London, it was lovely to see them take their socks and shoes off and paddle in the clear water. They tried to get Cookie our pup in too, but she doesn't like to swim. At the moment there a hundreds of conkers on the ground as the moor has many Horsechestnut trees. We collected lots so that we can harden them and have conker fights.

But the best thing about the moor are the wild horses, they are so quiet and gentle and will come over to see if you have any good stuff to eat.

Enjoy your week,

B x

Friday, September 11, 2009

Memories of Greece...

We didn't have much when I was growing up. Mum was a single parent and times were hard. However one of my best memories is of a holiday we took in Wales. It was me, my Mum, my baby sister, my Nan and and my great Grandma. I was about 5. We were all cramped into this tiny caravan which was parked in a field. Sometimes, it rained. But I would welcome every new day on that holiday, as every morning when the sun was coming up I would look out over the field and there would be not one, not two or three, but a GAZILLION bunny rabbits chomping on the grass all around us! It was such an amazing sight and one I shall never forget and to this day reminds me that all the money in the world can't buy happiness and beautiful memories.

Our holiday this year on the Greek island of Rhodes was an unqualified success. You know how sometimes you go on holiday and the expectaion is so high that the holiday almost can't live up to the dream? (Or is that just me?!) Well not this time!

The villa was ok, but just ok. We had a pool and that was all we needed. The kids are that bit older, and we all worked together to make the most of what we had, it was a joy.

No crying about sand in their shoes or having to put them down for naps.

We taught them how to play blackjack and Eva learned how to swim.

We even had our own 'holiday pet' the kids named her "Ursula" and she brought her 3 babies every day to say hello.

We went on a road trip all around the island,

which took us up into the mountains where we had a beautiful view of the other Greek islands just as the sun was going down.

And 'Babe' even let me use the perfect backdrop to take his picture!

It was so lovely to see my family relaxed and getting on so well; there was A LOT of laughter!

Actually I feel a little bad as I often didn't take my camera and missed many great photo opportunities, but sometimes you just have to put the camera down and live the life, before it passes you by; you know?

So, here's to a fabulous weekend my friends, making beautiful memories.

B x

p.s as usual my photos are unedited, what you see is what you get :O)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


...to Pear Tree Cottage.

Come around the back and have a look around...this is the old stable

and here are our gardens...

At the moment things inside are very...disorganised....

..and there's a lot to be done;
like getting rid of the pink wallpaper in the Living room...

But we love it and are looking forward to making it home.

Thanks so much for stopping by, next time I'll make a nice pot of tea...when I find the kettle....

B x

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