Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love is...

The sun is shining and I am preparing for our Easter holiday to Cape Verde. Woohoo! I have been doing my pilates religiously and have even joined a boxercise  class to try and fight the wobble... but this no carb thing...

is just...




Have a fun week with plenty of what you love.

Hugs, B x

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I see the future and the future is green...

Hello my lovelies!

I have been busy spring cleaning and generally trying to get my house in order. We've still got work to do on the barn (believe it or not!) landscaping should start later this month and our front room (which has basically been out of action since we moved in due to damp) is now damp-free and freshly painted...white. So, using nature and the time of year as my guide I see shades of green being my palette for the furnishings in this new room.

It's the room you walk into from the front door, so I want it bright and welcoming but cosy enough to snuggle in, as it will be our new 'library' or 'reading nook'. These images are my inspiration....

This is not in my comfort zone; as it's quite a bit brighter than my usual taste, but it 'feels' right for this space - let's see how far I go with it!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Hugs, B x

Image 1,2 and 3: Design Sponge

Image 4: This is Glamorous

Image 5: Restoration House Interiors

Monday, March 5, 2012

'Springspiration' and celebrations...

Hello you lovely lot. It's March - yippee! I have been turning to Pinterest for 'springspiration'. My new word for all things that bring spring into your heart.

 Blooming gorgeous!

 Wellies, a cotton dress and a cardie -
my favourite spring outfit.

Natures gorgeous pallet.

This weekend my little Eva ran her socks off for her school in the County Cross Country.
She was one of 70 girls in her age group and the little tinker managed an almighty SIXTH PLACE!
(I know she looks pretty unhappy, but honestly, she LOVES cross-country!)

Put that along with the fact that our Max has just got a place at the local Grammar school and I'd have to say this week we all have a spring in our step! 

Hugs, B x

All photos (except the last one) from Pinterest 
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