Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pillow talk

I think it has super powers. Even when I'm deep in sleep it calls to me from the other side; tells me how good things can be over there. I will be cooler. I will be calmer. Things are so much better 'over there'. And I know it's right; I can't resist its call. So, in the dead of night, when nothing else can wake me... I lift my head... and flip; to the other side of my pillow. BLISS!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok, enough already...

I don't quite know what I've done to deserve it but my kids (the 2 youngest) had an extra week off this March break, yippee!? ;o) Ok, I'm going to admit something now, I love my kids dearly but I have no patience what so ever! And at the moment they are going through that stage where they either love each other or hate each other - and I'm not sure which is worse. When they love each other they run around the house shrieking with laughter as one tickles the other or they gang up on me and mimic me; which they find HILARIOUS.

When things aren't so rosy they are at one an others throats screaming, slamming doors and 'banning' the other from their bedroom. In their little world that seems to be the biggest snub; and will leave Eva in a bawling heap at the top of the stairs when she's on the receiving end of a bedroom ban.

So, I hope you understand, and not think me a horrid Mummy, but as much as I have enjoyed having them around, I am sooooo ready for them to go back to school!

Still you can't help but love 'em, right?!

I hope all of you with your kids back at school are having a great week; have a quiet coffee for me?
Live large,
p.s No sibling was harmed in the making of this blog

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

The Ultimate Blog Party has started over at (click on the image above)It's a great way to make new friends, learn new things and win great prizes. It runs until March 27th; GO CHECK IT OUT!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jade: Rest in peace

Jade Goody was the biggest British reality show star of our time. She was a 'south London girl' just like me, where life was far from easy. Love her or hate her, she wore her heart on her sleeve and she did her best to give her 2 little boys a better childhood than her own. Today (Mother's Day in the UK) at just 27, she lost her battle with cancer. I can't stop thinking about how hard she fought in her final days and how her Mum and Ex partner are going to have to break the news to her boys. And I just want to hug my kids for ever and ever.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinasours, dollars and our doggie

We are in the midst of March break here and yesterday Chris and I took the 2 little ones to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). We had so much fun, it's not often we all go downtown together. I always find it weird seeing my little kids in a big fast city - I'm such a suburbanite! Max and Eva both particularly enjoyed the dinosaur exhibition. They also had a medieval exhibition and Max got to wield a huge sword which of course he loved! I forgot to take my camera so no pics but we had a great day. To make up for the lack of pics here is a picture of the lovely daisies in my kitchen...While in the city I popped into a kiddies clothes store that someone had suggested to me (I forget the name of it) I was really excited as I had been told they stocked pretty girls dresses in comfy stretchy knits. So in I go (while the rest of the crew walk on without me!) I pick up this lovely simple blue and white striped jersey knit dress and proceed to have a heart attack when I see the price tag...$379.00!!! For a t-shirt dress with a bow stuck on it!? I'd better sit down at my sewing machine and start knocking up some dresses of my own if you can charge that much for them! No, when I do start selling my wares the whole point is that they are comfortable PLUS affordable - I just don't see the point in spending that much money on something that's probably only going to last a year. Even if I was a millionaire I wouldn't spend that much on my kid's clothing. Who has that sort of money to waste these days? Insane. OK, moan over!

When we had finished at the museum we headed back home and stopped at Alice Fazooli's one of our favourite restaurants for 'Dinch' or Lunner' (we couldn't decide which) as we were too late for lunch and too early for dinner. When we got home we had a couple of games of Old Maid and I took some pics of our dog; Cookie, who was obviously annoyed at having been left alone at home all day - look at those eyes. Don't they say "Poor me"!?

This week we plan to make cupcakes, go on a bike ride or two and sort out the toy cupboard; if we have time ;o) And Max and Eva are looking forward to big sister Jess coming home. Me too!

Live large,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Jess

She left today, on a school trip; 10 days in Greece. And even though she left her room like this...

And this...

I miss her already.

Eva's pants

The sign is up, I've been cleaning like my life depends on it and now we're good to go. In fact, we had an interesting weekend, driving around town in the rain with the dog and the kids in the car trying to stay out of the house while the agents showed the property. However, I did get a chance to sit at my sewing machine and guess what? I graduated! I made my first pair of pants, which Eva was very happy to model for me. Showing just how comfortable and versatile they are.
She can still torment the dog...

Play hide and seek...

And finally finish with the classic 'Eva Pose'...

I love them and I'm sure I'm going to make loads more in time for the summer. They are a little baggy on E because she's so diddy; but that just gives more play room! This week I'm working on a halter dress- between viewings! Have a great week.

Live large.

B x

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