Saturday, October 30, 2010

Think Pink

As some of you may remember from this post, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago. She has had her treatment and is now doing very well and has had the *all clear*. Some people are not so lucky. You probably all know someone who has been touched by this awful disease. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and my blogging buddy and 'Hertfordshire Homey' Jacqueline inspired me to follow her lead and channel some Pink Positivity in honour of the occasion.

All pics from here
Have a lovely weekend...

B x


Jacqueline said...

Such gorgeous and perfect images for Breast Cancer Awareness.....and a subject very close to your heart. I think that it's so important to remind ourselves and to make sure that we are all looking for any signs so that it can be detected early.
Hope that you are enjoying the Autumn in Hertfordshire.The leaves have now turned to fire, haven't they ?!!
Enjoy the weekend Rebecca. XXXX

koralee said...

Lovely images my friend...and a great reminder. It does touch us all.

Blessing for a great weekend. xoxo

Zia Meadows said...

What a lovely post, thanks for dropping by my blog honey, my friend (and assistant) Anneliese was at the Hampstead show in my place as I was home with my kids!

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