Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rustic/Swedish/French/English Country...ish.

At last! Things seem to have got back to 'normal' around here, my back is no longer playing up and neither is my internet so we seem to be back on track...

THANK YOU guys for all of your caring messages and emails, you are such a lovely, thoughtful bunch :O)
And a big 'cheers' to my girl Jo at Brown Paper and String for her spicy apple chutney recipe...
will let you know how it goes.

You may remember this post, when I first introduced you to my new house and also our stable/barn which we planned to reno. Well, I have been looking for the right builder to take on the job of sympathetically turning this old wooden shack into a studio and spare bedroom. I think I've found him and all being well he should be starting the transformation very soon!

So, I have been scouring the internet (now that it's working!) looking for pictures that capture the 'feel' I'm going for... that classic combination of...erm...Rustic/Swedish/French/English Countryish!

...Oh, you know what I'm getting at, right?

Have a great week!

B x
pic 1 is from here
pic 2 and 3 are from here


koralee said...

Oh it is going to be lovely!!!

Glad you are feeling better..nothing worse than back back gives me trouble now and again and I am out for days.

Hope your fall is going daughter is settling in..the school is in Carnsworth..way up north...she was sick the first week poor girl...even had to go to the not a good start...but now she is getting into the swing of a wee bit homesick and I miss her soooooo.

Hugs. xoxoxo

Jacqueline said...

So good that you are feeling better and that you are back on track with the internet.....I'm always having trouble with mine !!
.... and, some lovely inspiration for your home. Just the look that I love. XXXX

Brown Paper & String said...

Hi B! So glad you got the recipe and you are back in action on the ol' blogaroo. Loving this post. The pics are fab. xxx

Sunny said...

Your site is gorgeous...It inspires me to do something with my cluttered mess of a home :)

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