Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fancy a cuppa?

These cooler, crisper days, are perfect for putting your feet up for half an hour with a hot cup of tea
~ or coffee~ and a good book...


Pic from here

pic from here

Pic from here lump or two?

B x


blue moss said...

Looks so yummy and me some hot coffee when it gets cooler :)

koralee said...

Hey...we think alike today...I am enjoying a cup over at my blog too....happy friday my friend. xoxoxo

Vanya Wilkinson said...

can't beat a good cup of earl grey in a lovely china cup & saucer :) I love the table cloth in the first pic, I have very similar things for sale at h&g!

Hope you are well and thriving.

Best wishes

Brown Paper & String said...

Hi B! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love this blog thing, it's like having penfriends from all around the world, so cool!
In answer to your question about fabrics.....
I got some on ebay, some are vintage scarves picked up at Portobello Rd market, some are little sample pieces I found in the craft box at my toddler group (random!) some are from Cath Kidston some are from Wallis & MacCoullough or MacCoullough & Wallis some are from Ian Mankin. You can see that I get around!!!
You neeeeeed to visit Columbia Rd! Plan to do it one Sunday soon (only open on a Sunday). It's lovely at the moment but come winter there is not so much to see flower wise.
Hope you are doing well. Half term next week eh?!
Jo xxx

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