Friday, July 23, 2010

Today is a special day...

This is 'Mr. Simply B' or Chris (as he's usually known) circa 1973. Isn't he cute?!

He's also, incredibly hard working, loyal, fun and a fantastic Daddy.

40 years ago today my husband was born....

...10 years ago today - up a mountain in Barcelona - he asked me to marry him.

*This photo was taken on that day, about 5 minutes after he popped the question -
we were rather hungover!

Today is a speacial day.

Happy birthday Babe.

B x


Kym said...

Happy Birthday Mr Simply B.
And 'Oh My!' what a handsome man you are!....
not surprised you said Yes B...Happy 'YES DAY' anniversary to you too.

Brown Paper & String said...

Happy Birthday Chris! You sound like a top bloke and you have a pretty fantastic family by the looks of it! xxx

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