Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sharing is caring...

I seem to be in a bloggy-funk at the moment... I can't really claim that "nothing's happening"... that wouldn't actually be true. But I seem to be finding it more difficult than usual to write about it. I'm reading a lot though...a lot of other blogs...some are my usuals {you know who you are} and some new. I'm finding it so inspiring. I often marvel at just how many talented women there are out there. Doing there own little *thing*. Whether it be writing, photography, sewing, painting. These women who raise families and run houses, have stressful jobs and full lives, but still manage to do what fills their heart and {amazingly} also share it with us. I am in awe.

So, with sharing and giving in mind, I decided to share with you some of the amazing women I have come across recently...

Cheryl @ A Pretty Cool Life - She's super crafty and happy to share he great idea's with us all; fabulous tutorials and a great Etsy shop.

Cherry Menlove, lives in the beautiful English countryside and is a brand new mother to adorable twins; Ned and Anais, she bakes a mean victoria sponge and can whip up a baby quilt in no time- and she can show you how.

Jorth, this girl seems to be able to turn her hand at everything and be great at it! She's a very talented lady.

Over to Norway now and Livs Lyst this cute newlywed has a great eye for design and has a lovely online shop where she sells vintage pieces.

and lastly the lovely Jo at Brown Paper and String. Jo is from New Zealand and living in London, mummy to Max she writes about her daily life, her crafts and designs that make her heart melt. Recently I got this in the post...

I had won Jo's recent give away, which was lovely as it was some gorgeous cream from my favourite place - Anthropologie. Thanks Jo :O)

Basically I guess this post is one big "Thank you" to all of you inspiring women out there, who live your lives caring for loved ones and share your knowledge with others along the way.

B x


koralee said...

Oh I am sooooo going to check out your new friends...I love finding new blogs that inspire..and coming from you I know I am in for a treat...thanks..I will tell them you sent me. xoxoxo

Livs Lyst said...

Hi B!

Thank you so much for your words about me and my blog! So nice of you. And how great that you like my Norwegian style.

I red in your profile. You are from Great Britain or Canada?
Canada seems so nice. Little like Norway?!! ;O) With the mountains and lakes. I have never been there, but I would realy like it some time!

Again: thank you for your link in to my blog! It was nice "talking" to you!!

Liv (from Norway - yes ) ;O)

Kitty M said...

Have a great week B - I love discovering new blogs, so thanks so much for sharing your friendly finds! I am hosting a giveaway over at DollieD at the moment - if you are feeling lucky! Kisses Kitty xxx

Brown Paper & String said...

Thanks B! You are so sweet!
Glad you like your hand creme. I got one for myself too. Yum!
Hey just so you know, reading your blog has inspired me no end!! Keep it up.
Jo xxx

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