Friday, July 30, 2010

Confessions of a thirty-something...

This week has been a bit of a blur. Not, as you would be forgiven for thinking, because the kids are at home and I've been getting ready for a market. Both of those things are true, but that is not the reason for my recent lack of focus. No, the real reason is rather more embarrassing. As I told you; Friday was Chris' birthday, on Saturday we had a party.

We celebrated...I celebrated...hard.

Sunday morning was horrific. And Monday only marginally better. I lost 5 pounds in weight (not such a bad thing!) and suffice to say I won't be touching alcohol for some time. I think the children thought I had caught a tropical disease! There is, in my possession, photographic evidence to prove that I should know better. However, for obvious reasons, I chose to post this one...

That's me on the left with my younger sister Hannah. Oh, I wish I could go back and remind myself to drink water! Anyhow, confession over, all in all the night was a great success. We had a lot of fun and caught up with some old friends. You only live once right!?

Thursday I was at the Berkhamsted Castle Village Market. I've never been there before and although it was a rather small event, the turn out wasn't too bad and I was happy that I'd made the effort to go. I sold all of my cushions (except one) and quite a few other bits and pieces. And I have some lovely vintage-style lavender bags that I will be adding to Folksy this weekend.

Next week is going to be a toughie. My girl is going away. Jess will be going off to Uni in September and her plan, since we moved back to the UK has been to go back and spend a fun-filled month with all her friends back in Canada. That day has almost come and on Tuesday I will put her on a plane by herself (for the first time) and wave goodbye to my pal. She has spent this past year at college and holding down 2 jobs to save the money for this trip and to say we're proud of her would be an understatement!

I will miss her - she knows that. But I want her to have the most fun a girl with a big smile and a good heart can have - love you Jess.

My apologies for the rambling post; I had some things I needed to get off my chest!

Love to you all,

B x


3 Including Me... said...

We all have had a night or two like that...!!! Ones we wish we could forget, and ones we really can't even remember!
Hope your daughter has safe travels!

koralee said...

Oh my goodness sweet are adorable!!! Sometimes us girls just want to have fun! But really you are BEAUTIFUL..I adore your dress.

Sorry to hear your sweet daughter is off for a while...I am sending mine to the UK in the Fall for College so I will be feeling the say blues as you.

Our mother hearts get us everytime...but good news we will be visiting her...I am so excited as I have never been to the UK!!!

Sending you some extra hugs for the week.



Brown Paper & String said...

Oh B! Such a sweet post, bought tears to my eyes. Well done for selling your creations, keep it up, you are super talented. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Very nice and interesting blog!
Regards and kisses from Croatia.
Zondra Art

Jacqueline said...

Oh dear..... there is nothing worse than a hangover..... I've had a few in my time !!!! Never mind. It was fun at the time and wouldn't it be a boring life if we didn't do things like that fromn time to time. I expect that you will do it again !! hehe
It's very difficult when our children grow up and start to leave and live thier own life but, it comes to us all and we just have to wave them off with a smile. She will have a great time and, before you know it, she will be back telling you all about it. XXXX

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