Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday celebrations....continued...

Just popping in to say "Thank you friends" for your lovely and kind words. I had a wonderful birthday, filled with gorgeous pressies and great time spent with friends and loved ones. I am off to 'The Windy City' for the weekend to visit my husband (there on business) and to really enjoy being 40!

Wishing you a fab weekend.


B x
p.s - The cases in the picture were a recent find at the flea market, filled with lace and linen.
                                                 25 pounds the lot - bargain!


koralee said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend....just read your last are soooooooo adorable. I love your kitchen but I love you more. xoxoxo

My daughter Molly is in London for a few days and then off to Paris next week...then she starts her new school in Sweden at the beginning of April! How is your daughter doing at University?

xoxoxo Happy celebrating this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet bargain! and So glad you are enjoying being 40 and fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I left you a comment on your last post i was a bit late to your party... those cases are fabulous and full of lace and linen too wow!
Love Kristina x

Susan said...

Stopping by to say hello! Still off celebrating your birthday? :)Blessings!

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