Friday, August 6, 2010

Hoping for blue skies...

Well, Jess has been gone for a week and I've spoken to her and she's having a lovely time catching up with her old friends soaking up the Canadian sun.

Lucky her. We in the UK, on the other hand, are left with unpredictable, drizzly skies. Where has the sun gone? I really hope it comes back soon, as we're off to Cornwall tomorrow - yipee! We will be staying at "Sunday Cottage" which is a coach house attached to a larger country home. We are so excited to have our first UK holiday now that the children are old enough to really enjoy our little road trip. And we can even bring Cookie the dog with us to enjoy the fun!

My camera will be coming too so you can enjoy the trip with us - don't forget your sun screen!

B x

Photo from here

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Chef Eureka said...

Lovely picture, traveling is always fun :)

Happy Trails!

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