Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good old Blighty!

We're back! We had a wonderful week in Cornwall *although no mobile or internet was a killer I can tell ya! I'll be looking forward to catching up with what all you guys have been up to over the next couple of days. In the meantime, let me show you around our temporary home...

This was the main house, which is used as a Bed and Breakfast.

To the right of this picture is the coach house also known as 'Sunday Cottage', which was were we stayed.
Let's take a look inside shall we?

Fancy some fresh air? Me too - lets take a walk in the garden...

Oh, this is Maisie...she is one of 4 pugs who will happily show you around the place!

What a butt shot!
Even I took a little swing in the afternoon sun...

Well, after that photo overload I'm off for a cup of tea. Pop back soon won't you?
We're planning a walk through the village, down to the sea...


B x


koralee said...

Amazing my friend...this place is lovely...could you please send me the name of it. We are heading your way next year to pick up my daughter at University and would love some nice places to stay..any other suggestions would be soooo appreciated. We plan to tour around England and France. Hugs to you...has school started yet? I start one week tomorrow. xoxoxo

Kitty M said...

This looks perfect b - glad you had a great break! We are off to Madeira next week I can't wait for some sunshine and cocktails! Happy Bank Hols xxx

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