Sunday, April 11, 2010

Copenhagen part 2...finally!

Hey guys, sorry for the big pause in posts; my little sister, Hannah, delivered a little bundle of joy on Tuesday and the past few days has been a whirlwind of visiting and cooing! I will post about my new niece later in the week, get ready for some serious cuteness!!!

In the meantime, I owe you some Copenhagen pics. If you haven't read 'part 1' see it here.

We spent Saturday shopping (well, browsing really) and sat outside a cafe in the sun (it was cold though) to do some people watching.

I absolutely loved the buildings in Copenhagen, they were so pretty...

I hadn't realised, before my visit, what avid bikers the Danes are. When we arrived on the Friday it was rush hour and I was surprised to see parents who had obviously collected kids from nursery/day care/school doing the commute home with their kids in little 'pods' attached to their bikes! There were seas of bikes parked in the main square. People would just hop off their bikes and prop them up against a wall to go into a store - no bicycle chain, very trusting...

Then of course there was the people watching...

...and those "little things" that catch your eye...

I hope you've all enjoyed my trip around Copenhagen as much as I did! See you soon, with lots of baby cuteness.
Have a great week,

B x


koralee said...

I adore all the bikes...something we really do not see a lot of in Canada..what fun..Copenhagen is on my list to visit. Hugs for a great week. xoxo

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Looks like they use bikes instead of cars there. Bet they have many fewer accidents!

Stopping by from SITS.

Amanda said...

Hi B, How lovely to meet you via your blog! Your trip looks fabulous. Just love the name of that shop - nasty and gross! Amanda
PS My youngest is also called Eva, and she looks about the same age as your Eva!

Writing Without Periods! said...

I love Copenhagen...and your photos are so beautiful. Thanks.

Kym said...

It really looks lovely, so 'clean'.
Congratulations on the new nephew,...lots of baby boy sewing for you to practice for now!
I have just tagged you in a 7 things about me' meme....Hope you dont mind.

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