Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eva's pants

The sign is up, I've been cleaning like my life depends on it and now we're good to go. In fact, we had an interesting weekend, driving around town in the rain with the dog and the kids in the car trying to stay out of the house while the agents showed the property. However, I did get a chance to sit at my sewing machine and guess what? I graduated! I made my first pair of pants, which Eva was very happy to model for me. Showing just how comfortable and versatile they are.
She can still torment the dog...

Play hide and seek...

And finally finish with the classic 'Eva Pose'...

I love them and I'm sure I'm going to make loads more in time for the summer. They are a little baggy on E because she's so diddy; but that just gives more play room! This week I'm working on a halter dress- between viewings! Have a great week.

Live large.

B x

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