Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter colours...everywhere.

So I'm off to Cape Verde tomorrow. You'll all be pleased to know, I did knuckle down... a bit. There will be slightly less of me to wobble by the pool...slightly...! I won't be taking my big camera with me (and I can't find my smaller one) so any pics I manage to get will be from my iPhone

It'll be me Chris and the 2 little ones having one week of down time - Jess is staying behind to study for her upcoming exams; such a good girl. I hope you all have a peaceful Easter break with the ones you love.


See you soon...

Hugs, B x
Pic 1; here Pic 2; here pic 3; here pic 


Brown Paper & String said...

Have such a great time my friend!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Have a wonderful time B .... a week of R&R will be lovely for you and your family. .... and, your daughter is so good to stay at home and study. Good luck to her with her exams.
Have fun and 'see' you when you return. XXXX

Red Rose Alley said...

I hope you had a nice Easter. These pictures are so pretty, and they have all the colors of spring in them. What a delightful post!
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Mrs. Sutton said...

Hope you have/have had a wonderful time! Have just come back from holiday myself and DESPERATELY missing the sun (although secretly glad to be home) x

Mrs. Sutton said...

Hi again B! Thanks for popping over to say hello. It's not a cheeky question at all - my parents are from Grenada. I've never been to St. Kitts, but I've heard that it's a gorgeous place. Makes me think that one day I should take a tour of the Caribbean Islands to get to know them properly - what a wonderful thought! Paula x

koralee said...

Have a wonderful time..these photos are stunning...such lovely colours. Hugs to you dear one. xoxox

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