Sunday, January 1, 2012

All the best..

Picture from Pinterest - my favourite new pastime, which is even more fun on my *new laptop*. Feel free to follow me and let me know if you have boards and I'll be happy to follow too - there's a button on the right.

Looking forward to another year of sharing and caring with my you, bloggy friends.

Hugs, B x


Brown Paper & String said...

Dear B! Happy New Year!
You make me laugh hehehehehe! So cute! I will still be 'out there' in London until at least October 2012 so we might still get a chance to meet - who knows. Yeah, this weather is dumb. Bet it snows just when I want to get out and about again with my buggy.
I am making my hubs get the snip, no more pregnancies for me please! I LOVE babies but the last 9 months have been sooooooo tough.
Hope you are snuggly in your gorgeous cottage.
Jo xxx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

A truly happy, healthy, magical and peaceful New Year to you and your lovely family. Thank you so much for all of your support this year and here's to another year of blogging friendship. XXXX

Vanya Wilkinson said...

Happy New Year B!

Hope you are having a fantastic break :)

Just to let you know Endless Inspiration is back in business - stop by and have a look sometime it would be great to see you :)

Best wishes Vanya xxx

koralee said...

Hi sweet one...Happy New Years and love to you too.
Pintrest is soooo fun but I have taken a wee break from it as my mind is always ready to explode after spending too much time on it...soooooo many ideas..I want to do them I can easily spend hours on it....I do sneak on every once in a while...I will look for you next time.xoxoxox

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