Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feeling Festive?

Hello my lovelies!
I do hope you have been keeping well. I am embracing the entrance of winter and as such, have been making wintery Christmas wreaths. One of my creations has a staring roll in my new header (did you notice?) and the others have been posted in my Folksy Shop

I am really enjoying creating again and if that's all I get out if it, that's ok with me...although a few pennies for my trouble wouldn't go amiss!

I am so looking forward to the festive season. However, the closer we get, the nearer I am to saying goodbye to my little sister and her gaggle of gorgeous girls.

They head off to sunny LA in January to start a new life. Can you believe I came home from Canada 2 years ago, in part, so that our kids could grow up together and now she's off to pastures new!? I just know she's going to have a fab time and am soooo excited as I already have my tickets to visit in August; woo-hoo!

Roll on Summer!

Just kidding! Let's enjoy the moment. I'm getting the decorations out of the loft at the weekend and have my first Christmas dinner on Saturday...I feel that festive feeling coming on!

Are you feeling festive yet?
B x


koralee said...

Your wreaths are stunning dear one...oh that white one makes my heart sing. Hope you are well and getting in the Christmas mood.

Kitty M said...

Hiya B - thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions over on DollieD. I love the idea of the stockings with the little Christmas bits and bobs!

Wow, wow and wow about your gorgeous wreaths - I am in love with the cream and flower one - you clever lady!

Is Folksy a shop? I am off to have a look now ...

LA sounds amazing - my friend worked there for a long time as a nanny and loved every minute, I bet you are looking forward to your visit.

Looking forward to your next post with your crimbo decs :-)

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