Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Morning Glory!

Hello my lovely friends. How the heck are you?
I am good, although I have to admit to 'over doing it' a bit lately,
hence my new attempts at clean living.
I use the word attempts as I am really quite well known for some flaky, faddish
ideas which usually last until about lunchtime!

Oh well, this is one of my favourite morning tipples, whether I'm being good...or not.

2 apples, sliced and cored, a few carrots and a nugget of fresh ginger

Pop it in the juicer

Catch all the good stuff!

Your morning glass of goodness awaits!

What's your favourite morning tipple?

Hugs, B  x
p.s what d'ya think of my new kitchen counter tops? Fancy, eh?!


Brown Paper & String said...

Yup that concoction would get me going in the morning! I can't get by without my morning nespresso. Great to have you back on the blog by the way!
Jo xx

koralee said...

Looking good my friend...thinking I need to do the same. Hugs.

Kitty M said...

Baileys Biscotti haha - it's my new tipple and given half the chance at the moment I would have a glug for breakfast lol!

Failing that a builders cup of tea.

Thanks for your lovely comment over on Dolliedaydream the snippety snip made me laugh out loud! Happy Week B xxx

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