Monday, May 23, 2011

Sorting it out...

Recently, I bought these beautiful suitcases at a local flea market, which were filled with lots of gorgeous loveliness.

While I sit here, sorting through my new pretties, I find myself having a
bit of a tussle with my conscience.

It’s nothing new really.
The same tussle I have every year...every month, sometimes even on a daily basis.
The usual one that goes something like this...

”What am I doing here? The kids are getting bigger. They’re at school all day, they need me less and less. I could be out. Meeting people. Earning my own some extra money. Doing MY THING.” Except, I’m not sure what ‘my thing’ is.

10 years ago I was carving a career in the media world. I worked in television.
It was fun. Exciting. I met my Mr Right there.
I felt like I was at the centre of the universe in that office. As though our decisions meant everything.
Now I realise that as fun it was, it really isn’t the be-all and end-all. And I’ve moved on.
Being there for my kids is the most important thing to me. But I also need to feel fulfilled. My business dreams seem to have stalled- I’ve lost direction...

But as I sit here and try to decide what to do with my future and while I sort my lace into pretty piles I think...”filing was never this fun at the office!”


koralee said...

It is hard to find the perfect just have to make yourself happy my friend. I hope the perfect thing just pops into your world. xoxoxoox In the meantime sorting lace is not so bad!

Brown Paper & String said...

Oh I hear ya sista! I am totally right there with you. I feel like my brain is going a little mushy some days. Being there for our kids is the most important thing in the world but we need a balance in our lives. I have started this upholstery course and I am hoping it will lead on to other things, maybe doing commissions for people, not sure. I think when you are a creative type and good at a lot of things (which you definitely are!) it's harder to find a specific direction. Get that lace on ebay, that's a good way to start making some £££!
Jo xxx

Kitty M said...

Come and move to FRANCE lol!! Hope you are well B, I've missed my more frequent visits to you. I'm the other way around ... I make the life changing decision to move abroad and along comes a baby in September :-) You are super creative, I'm sure the right opportunity will present itself to you. What about an Etsy shop you can manage from home ... xxx

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